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Videos To Empower Your Health


Breaths of Expansion Morning Routine

Part of the Source Chiropractic Morning Routine, "Breaths of Expansion" can be used to bring awareness to new areas of the body, train your sympathetic-parasympathetic response to stress and is a fantastic precursor to your morning affirmations.

We recommend connecting to breath as a way to open up your body, calm your mind, connect to the deepest parts of yourself, and move about your day in a way that is most congruent for your. 

I AM Affirmations to Set Your Day Up For Success

Powerful Affirmations in the I AM statement, EVERY DAY, to set your day up for success, to manifest what you want, and to live a healthier life.


Dr. Brett Jones of The Source Chiropractic shares the how, why and an example of daily affirmations and how you can use this simple strategy to connect to what you want to FEEL during your day and who you want to BE. 

Breaking Down Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever heard of "Needs Based Communication?"


Dr. Lance von Stade breaks down how becoming more emotionally intelligent can help you get your needs met, living a life that is more connected and fulfilling. 

Whenever you walk into a Source Chiropractic you will notice the doctors and staff are trained in Needs Based Communication which stems from Non-Violent Communication as a way to help you recognize patterns that may no longer be serving you, and as a way to find out your needs. 

3 Keys to a Qualitarian Lifestyle

In regards to how you Eat, Move, Think & Recuperate... are you doing so Effectively, Efficiently & Sustainably?


Dr. Lance von Stade shares with us the beginning thoughts to the Qualitarian Lifestyle. 


This simple understanding can dramatically change how you interact with your day and allow you to live more congruent with the laws of nature. 

Symptom Reduction is NOT Healing

Healing doesn't always feel good! You can mask it, numb it, cover it up.... but until you embrace the healing process; decide you are ready to heal, then we can start the healing journey.


One thing that seperates chiropractic from most healing professions is that we understand that every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause, meaning the majority of the medical system is stuck trying to treat symptoms (the effects) without getting to the root cause. 


Are you ready to start the healing journey?

Are you Experiencing Symptoms Because of Healing or Sickness

It's important to know, are you experiencing new symptoms because it is part of the healing process or because of sickness?


We often believe all symptoms are bad, however what if your symptoms are part of your healing experience.


Dr. Brett Jones shares our current thoughts about how we view health and healing here at The Source Chiropractic in Oakland.

What is Health? - Health Isn't About FEELING GOOD!

Health isn't always about feeling good! - Let's be real, you could take a lot of substances and FEEL real good, but is that just covering up the symptoms?


Dr. Brett Jones shares "WHAT HEALTH IS" and how you can use this understanding to empower your healing journey. 

How to Train The NERVES of Your NEEDS

The Nerves of Your Needs: "Interoception"- Understanding your body's needs to get your needs met.


If you can't properly distinguish between a stomach ache due to loneliness, heartache, nervousness, hunger or illness... it will be difficult to get your needs met.


Chiropractic helps by improving the communication between your brain and body, so that you can be more aware of what is going on.


Dr. Lance von Stade shares with us a simple mindfulness exercise to become more aware with what is going on in your body; to get your needs met.

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