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Videos To Empower Your Health

Empowering Mindset

Where Does Health and Healing Come from?

Where does health and healing come from? The Source Chiropractic in Oakland understands that health and healing comes from the inside-out.


Even if you take prescription drugs to cover up a symptom, have low back pain, neck pain, or headaches... ultimately your body does the healing.


Your body is controlled and regulated by your Nervous System, and is encased by our spine. Our daily habits, repetitive motions, or traumas can take its toll on our spine, when there are misalignments or dysfunction in our spine, it can cause irritation to the nerve roots which exit the spine, and interference to the communication from our body to our brain. This will cause our brain to have an improper image of what is going on in our body.


So how can we make sure your nervous system and body is better able to recognize and adapt to it's environment? Chiropractic is a strategy to help your nervous system and body function at its highest level by assessing the function of your spine, and providing chiropractic adjustments to areas which may be causing stress to your system. But a chiropractor doesn't do the healing; a chiropractor puts in an impulse, adjustment, to a specific area of dysfunction, thus clearing the potential irritation to the nervous system, so that your body can better adapt and heal itself.


Health comes from the inside out! The Source Chiropractic Oakland

Chiropractic Helps Your Brain Perceive It's Environment

Many people don't realize this, but the chiropractic helps not only with back pain, neck pain, headaches, vertigo, sciatica and other musculoskeletal issues...


but it also helps change your brain's perception of it's environment.


Our 6th sense "PROPRIOCEPTION" is how your body knows where you are in space; and chiropractic helps improve your body's proprioception.


Stiffness, inflammation, infection all affect your joints.... Dr. Lance von Stade does an amazing job explaining the relationship with a chiropractic adjustment and the actual changes of your brain and how you perceive your environment. 

Tips to Care For Your Body's Most Vital System 

Dentists taught the world to care for their oral hygiene, even when they weren't in pain. They taught us to take a proactive approach to our health.


My #1 wish is that people would treat their spine as well as they did their teeth.


Here are some tips for how you can start to prioritize your spine and listen to your body; and the importance of taking care of the system that controls and regulates your whole body. 

How Chiropractic Adjustments Change the BRAIN

How a Chiropractic Adjustment Changes the Brain.


Dr. Lance von Stade shares with us the concepts of "neuroplasticity" and "Synaptogenesis" - this is how the brain changes and creates new connections.


When there is lack of movement within each vertebrae it changes the signaling to the brain... eventually resulting in atrophy (brain shrinking).


A chiropractic adjustment restores motion into areas of the spine, changing the signaling to the brain.

Express Yourself in a Safe Space

Feeling the need to express yourself?


We have trained to create a space that is allows for you to express your true authentic self. Many times people will feel the need to laugh, yell, cry, move, shake, or just BE after a specific artful chiropractic adjustment.


We want you to know that this is a space where you can do any and all of these things without judgement, with connection and so you can feel and heal. 

"I AM" Affirmations to Set Your Day Up For Success

Powerful Affirmations in the I AM statement, EVERY DAY, to set your day up for success, to manifest what you want, and to live a healthier life.


Dr. Brett Jones of The Source Chiropractic shares the how, why and an example of daily affirmations.

If you would like to dive deeper you can check out one of the various morning routine and manifestation masterclasses we have created for you to include in your day.

Speak LOVE to the Areas That Hurt

Do you get frustrated with your problem areas?


Feel like you could just get rid of the areas that hurt?


How does that serve us? Instead we can find power in being on this healing journey.


Know that that this is a process, that it takes time.


Instead speak love to these areas, say I got you, and we will get better!

Why I Need to Keep Going to The Chiropractor?

One of the more common questions we receive is "Why do I need to keep going to the chiropractor?"


Would you only go to the gym once? Would you only eat healthy once? Would you do any other health habit only once?


As we move, eat and think throughout our day we are constantly adapting to various stressors...


What we know is that the body physically manifests different areas of stress depending on what our daily habits are. We can choose to allow the stresses to build up, or we can nip things in the bud before they get bad. Allowing the body to work optimally so we can function at a higher level.

At the Source Chiropractic Oakland we want you to know that we only want you to utilize us as long as we are an asset to your health. 

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