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Chiropractic Adjusting

Low Back Pain Chiropractic Adjustment (Unique L6 Vertebrae)

Low Back Pain, Tight Hips, Stuck SI Joint, Dyllon presented to the Source Chiropractic Oakland with a Unique Spine Condition, after being told "nothing was wrong."


Dyllon has a L6 Transitional Vertebrae with the right transverse process fusing to the Ilium. We often look at the body differently than most health professionals. We understand that the whole body works together.


So we treat people as one whole being, rather than just as individual parts. In this video you'll see Dr. Jordan Fairley perform a typical per visit assessment (after an initial exam was completed).

Low Back Pain and Headaches Chiropractic Adjustment

Anna flew in from Houston Texas for a chiropractic adjustment at The Source Chiropractic Oakland.


Experiencing low back pain, wanting upper back tension relief and headache relief, we did a full spine chiropractic analysis including gait and squat analysis.


We noticed a left valgus knee collapse and right pelvic shift due to pelvic dysfunction.


Here Dr. Malcolm Young does chiropractic adjustment for low back, adjustment for upper back tension, chiropractic adjustments for neck and the shoulder.

Low Back Pain and Short Leg Chiropractic Adjustment

Low back pain and sciatica can often be due to a leg imbalance.


Watch how Dr. Brendan Collins-Bride shows a simple test to assess the function of a short leg imbalance.


Savannah came in with Sciatica Pain. Adjustments to Low Back, Mid Back and Neck to help restore proper function of the spine and muscles.


Watch to see how the leg imbalance changes.

Ajuste quiropráctico para la espalda baja (Español)

Dolor o tensión en la espalda lumbar... El dolor lumbar, el dolor de cadera y el dolor de rodilla a menudo se deben a una disfunción en la pelvis.


Los ajustes quiroprácticos intentan restaurar la función en la espalda baja.


Dr. Claudia Catalan The Source Chiropractic Oakland CA

Ajuste quiropráctico para la espalda baja (Español)

Dolor o tensión en la espalda lumbar... El dolor lumbar, el dolor de cadera y el dolor de rodilla a menudo se deben a una disfunción en la pelvis.


Los ajustes quiroprácticos intentan restaurar la función en la espalda baja.


Dr. Claudia Catalan

The Source Chiropractic Oakland CA

Shoulder and Neck Pain Canadian Gets Chiropractic in Oakland California

In this Healing Immersion Experience, Sudhakar made his way to Oakland, California from Ontario, Canada in search of support in healing chronic shoulder, neck, and hip pain.


After a thorough functional assessment, we discovered dysfunction in his gait, squat, range of motion, muscular strength and coordination, nerve system adaptability, and spinal mobility.


A diverse and comprehensive plan was established, and Sudhakar saw us for 14 visits with our diverse team of chiropractors.


In this video, Dr. Brett Jones goes through a variety of chiropractic adjustments to help restore function, adaptability, and harmony within the nerve system.


Sudhakar's healing is not "complete," but he is on his way to continually making choices and taking actions that will help guide him on his path to optimal health.


Have questions or need resources? Please reach out to our team

Superhero Chiropractic Adjustment (Short Leg PRE / POST)

Even 𝑺𝑼𝑷𝑬𝑹𝑯𝑬𝑹𝑶𝑬𝑺 Get Chiropractic Adjustments... Dr. Brett Jones Oakland Chiropractor analyzes and adjusts "The ANF-Action Figure", Lewis Ford who visits The Source Chiropractic.


During the exam we find a major limp while walking from a past history of breaking his foot (got ran over by a car!) This has resulted in a functionally short-leg and pelvic imbalance. This often leads to low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and compensations throughout the entire body.


In this video you will see...

2:50 Pre Gait Analysis

3:40 Standing Gilletes

4:58 Prone Biotensegrity Analysis

6:40 AS ilium

7:40 Prone Thoracic

8:00 Everted Calcaneus

8:50 Navicular

9:25 C5

9:45 Post Gait Analysis


If you are looking for a chiropractor check out The Source Chiropractic locations Oakland (location seen here)

Torn Meniscus (Knee Pain Relief) The Source Chiropractic

Knee Pain... from a torn meniscus is very common.


Most people don't know that chiropractic is a safe and non-surgical way to help people get out of knee pain.


Denise was hardly able to walk... or squat from a torn meniscus in her knee... After an assessment we noticed her knee was unable to flex, her tibia was externally rotated under the femur and her meniscus was inflamed and protruding on the medial side of her knee.


We also noticed that she favored her injured leg due to a hip injury as a kid from falling off a horse. This misalignment and imbalance in her pelvis exacerbated the knee pain by causing her "now normal" walking gait to favor the injured leg.


Notice how we use safe drop table chiropractic adjustments and pelvic blocks to realign her pelvis as well as a combination of soft tissue mobilization to the actual meniscus and adjustments to her tibia and patella.


This is a very effective way to help with knee pain. If you have questions please let me know in the comments below. Dr. Jordan Fairley The Source Chiropractic Oakland 

Ultra-Marathon Runner Chiropractic Adjustment For 100 Mile Race

"I wonder if I could run 100 miles? I knew I was going to need a chiropractor to be on my TEAM!"


One thing you'll notice is... as runners we push our bodies to their extreme, with the constant repetitive motion if there is any sort of imbalance our body will compensate and create injuries over time.


For David this meant many aches and pains + really bad hip pain he needed a wellness team to help him remain in good shape and injury free!


During his Initial Exam and Pre-Assessment you'll notice a dip in the right side of his hip (the S-I Joint) as he squats down, forward rotation on the left side of his hips , and rounding of his upper back. Imagine how your body would compensate walking or running for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 3 hours!


So how have we been helping David? Each time we assess: how his body is functioning, what's changed from the visit before, what can we adjust now to improve his function, what exercises can we give him to strengthen his running form.


He not only got rid of hip pain... he also was able to push his body more and recover faster because he was taking care of his health. 

The Source Chiropractic Team Adjusts Each Other In Cabo

The Source Chiropractic Team takes over Cabo resort... 


We continually innovate our service to best meet your needs. Everyone that works at The Source is dedicated to being the best version of themselves so that they can best SERVE YOU so that you can be the best version of yourself.


We beautifully blend cutting-edge analysis technology with heart-centered chiropractic care in a community setting that allows people to truly be seen, heard, and HEAL.


It doesn't matter if you're young or old, gay or straight, white or black, we are accepting of all ages, genders, and races. Join us at The Source Chiropractic to start your healing journey.


The Source Chiropractors Featured in this Video: Dr. Kate Jones Dr. Jordan Fairley Dr. Darren Murphy Dr Austin Ivans DC Dr. Brett Jones

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