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The Source Chiropractic Dallas

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At The Source Chiropractic Dallas we have two fundamental services, the chiropractic exam and the chiropractic adjustment. We place a high value on the healing and re-connective ability of the chiropractic adjustment to facilitate pain reduction, functional improvement and life expression

See the new patients tab to see what is included in your new patient exam, and to get started.

Many people in our Dallas Community

come to us seeking help with...

✔️ Low Back Pain 

✔️ Sciatica / Nerve Pain

✔️ Hip Pain / Pinched Hip / Clicking

✔️ Knee Pain / Meniscus / Post Knee Surgery 

✔️ Mid Back Pain / Tension / Rib Pain

✔️ Poor Posture / Scoliosis

✔️ Ankle Pain / Plantar Fasciitis 

✔️ Headaches / Migraines 

✔️ Bells Palsy / Facial Paralysis

✔️ Shoulder Pain / Tingling & Numbness

✔️ Car Accidents / Whiplash

✔️ Pre-Natal / Pregnancy / Post-Partum

and so much more...

✔️ Natural Healing 

✔️ More Energy

✔️ Better Sleep 

✔️ Increased Clarity & Focus

✔️ Alignment / Better Posture

✔️ More Flexibility / Decreased Tension

✔️ Spiritually Aligned / Connected 

✔️ Improved Breathing 

✔️ Decreased Blood Pressure

✔️ Increased Awareness

✔️ Increased Recovery

✔️ Balance / Even Hips & Shoulders

and many more benefits.


Full Functional Exam includes:

- 1-on-1 Consultation

- Video Analysis of Walking and Squatting

- Digital Posture Assessment

- Range of Motion Testing

- Strength Testing

- Chiropractic Functional Exam

- Doctor's Report of Findings and Plan

- Chiropractic Adjustments and Care

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