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What to Expect During Your Doctor's Report of Findings & First Adjustment

Congratulations and welcome back for your Doctor's Report of Findings. 

Between your first visit: The Discovery Exam and now, Your Doctor spent time to review all of your findings, they performed your gait analysis, squat analysis, posture assessment and exam findings; then put it all together to create a unique plan for you.

We look forward to seeing you for your report on

*If you were referred out for X-rays please make sure to bring the C.D. with you.

We created this video for you to get an idea of "What to Expect"

Your Source Score

We will go over your "SOURCE SCORE", and we will be reviewing all of your findings from the initial exam; this scoring system is something completely unique to The Source Chiropractic and is what helps determine the frequency of care we believe will get you long term results.

Every person is recommended a different care plan based on their specific needs and exam findings. 

Financial Options

We will review your "FINANCIAL OPTIONS" and will present your Family Care Options if this applies; as we have multiple financial options to help make care work for you. If you make financial decisions with a partner please invite your partner or have a financial discussion prior to this visit. If you think you have out-of-network chiropractic benefits please review these prior to this visit as well to make your start in this office as easy as possible.

Artful & Specific Chiropractic Adjustment

You will receive your first "ARTFUL & SPECIFIC CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT", the Source Doctors pride themselves on being some of the highest skilled "adjusters" in the country. They train each day to become even better. We make sure to connect with you in the moment and discuss what we are going to do before we do it, to help you feel comfortable while also being able to receive what is needed in that moment.

We encourage you to bring your partner or partner in health, whomever helps you make financial and/or health related decisions, so we can fully discuss your care options.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What should I wear? 

During your initial exam process we recommend you wear comfortable athletic clothing. Clothing that is unrestrictive is ideal as we will be evaluating your quality of movement.


Will I get Adjusted on the first visit?

The Source Chiropractic prides itself in developing unique function based care plans that are individualized for each person. We use all of the information from the initial exam to develop a care plan that is specific to restoring function for each individual. Depending on the initial exam findings and person’s presentation people may or may not be referred for diagnostic imaging; and the Doctor will take the time ot analyze your exam to come up with the most appropriate approach to caring for you. Therefore people will receive their first adjustment after your Doctors Report of Findings and Care Plan Discussion, on the second visit.


Do you take insurance?

We are an out-of-network chiropractic care office. Depending on your insurance coverage if you receive out-of-network chiropractic benefits, we provide a “super-bill” for reimbursement. We offer affordable care plans to make sure every person and family can afford chiropractic care.


Can I bring my kids?

Yes, you will find that kids LOVE the Source Chiropractic. We are a family empowerment center, we invite families to have their children’s spines checked as well, as they are learning to walk, falling down, or playing sports; kids spines are subjected to as much or more stress than adults.


Do you have family rates? 

Yes! Additional family members or partners within the same household receive 50% off their initial exam price as well as 50% off their adjustment visit care plan. We do this to provide the best chiropractic service at an affordable price for whole families, as we believe people benefit greater when their family support system is also seeking proactive health options.

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